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日期:2024-03-20 13:20:07  作者:年灵寒

Hà Nội food outlets hit by new COVID-19 restrictions

The bar, which used to serve about  一 五0 dine-in customers a day, now has only about  二0 delivery orders a day, leading to a decrease of  九0 per cent revenue in the first two days of operating, according to Trường.

Yet Trường believes the closure order is necessary and hopes others will closely follow regulations and instructions.

“We hope that people comply with the distancing order seriously so the pandemic will be contained in the next two weeks and we can resume our business,” Trường said.

Bùi Thị Xuân Lan reopened her small restaurant selling gà tần thuốc bắc (chicken stewed with Chinese herbs) on Wednesday, expecting a decrease in sales due to the restrictions.

“With this restriction in place, the number of customers will reduce for sure because many are now too cautious to dine in at the restaurant. Only when the pandemic is contained can our business fully recover,” said Lan.

Hà Nội food outlets hit by new COVID-19 restrictions

“There aren’t many customers coming here to eat but we have some who buy takeaways or order food online,” she added.

The closure of food outlets and café in this neighbourhood gives local residents like  一 二th-grader Phan Duy Đức an eerie feeling.

“This street was so bustling but after Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday when there was a closure order, this street became quieter,” Đức said.

Hà Nội food outlets hit by new COVID-19 restrictions

“I feel pretty sad for my family’s business because I can’t see my beloved customers now,” he added.

For customers like  二 四-year-old Lê Ngọc Nhung, the closure has impacted her dining choices.

“I eat out quite often. Previously, I was still able to order food online, but it’s hard to find a shipper now, so I have to go out to look for restaurants and buy food myself,” she said.

“This does affect my life but, with this pandemic, we have to accept this,” Nhung said.